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SPOTLIGHT ON | Robinson Crusoe

Updated: Jan 26

The swashbuckling, seafaring, pantomime adventure that gives you that 'Friday' feeling.

Our ROBINSON CRUSOE, which has set sail across the world with productions from Sheffield to Singapore, has been re-written and fully refreshed for 2020.

Robinson Crusoe is a novel first published in April 1719 written by Daniel Dafoe. It is widely considered to be the first English novel and credited for spearheading realistic fiction as a literary genre.

The story follows the titular mariner as he sets sail from Kingston upon Hull though falls foul of pirates and is shipwrecked...twice!

The second time he finds himself on an island and helps an escaped prisoner naming him 'Friday' after the day they met.

With cannibalism, murders and frequent references to the slave trade of the time, the source material would make for a pretty pallid pantomime! Over the years, the story as a pantomime title has evolved through many different retellings and from the influence of many writers.

Joseph Grimaldi

One of the earliest traceable productions was at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane - London starring renowned English actor and clown, Joseph Grimaldi (left) as 'Pierriot' in the harlequinade which was a popular routine in the pantomimes of the day. He also went on to play the role of 'Friday' in another production of the title in 1815.

TOM WHALLEY PANTOMIMES' new version of this classic, swashbuckling story finds the whole Crusoe family embroiled in high seas hijynx attempting to find the lost treasure all the while fighting the fearsome Captain Blacktashe - the most dastardly buccaneer ever to sail the seven seas!

With the addition of numerous staple pantomime characters, a VERY messy fish 'n' chip shop scene and even a love story, our pantomime retelling has brought Robinson Crusoe lovingly up to date.

Though it is rarely seen as a pantomime these days, ROBINSON CRUSOE has proven an extremely popular choice with our clients who have been looking for a pantomime packed with tradition and hilarious comedy for their audiences who are tired of the same old shows year in, year out.



"Young Robinson Crusoe has always had an appetite for adventure! Living with his old mother Dame Crystal Crusoe, his washed up Father, Captain Crusoe and his silly billy brother Sprat, Robinson has no desire to take over the family Fish 'n' Chip shop. Meanwhile, the high seas are terrorised by the Evil Captain Blacktashe. With the help of his trusty sidekick Winkle (back of the queue when brains were handed out) he is searching for the lost temple of treasure on Skull Island but the map where X marks the spot has been lost for years...

Will Robinson ever find his treasure?

Will Dame Crusoe end up battered?

And what is that mysterious writing on the back of the chip shop menu?

Read a script sample and request a perusal copy at: and start a swashbuckling pantomime adventure of your own.

Robinson Crusoe Pantomime Script


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