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New! Rapunzel Pantomime Script

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Today is a good hair day... In fact, it's the BEST DAY EVER! We're delighted to announce that our hotly anticipated 'Rapunzel' pantomime script is NOW AVAILABLE.

This all-new re-telling of the classic Grimms Brother's tale of a girl trapped in tower by an evil witch comes complete with all that our clients have come to expect from and love about Tom Whalley Pantomimes scripts - side splitting comedy, heart, unique storytelling and twists that will keep your audiences coming back for more year on year.

We've reimagined this 'hairy-tale' in classic pantomime style with a larger than life Dame who runs the local salon (with messy results!), a kidnap and rescue with a difference and some big 'wow moments' that are sure to put a smile on faces of all ages.

"Many years ago, the King and Queen of a far off Kingdom were blessed with a baby girl with magical, golden hair. They named her Rapunzel. Their happiness was short-lived as one day the jealous, evil witch Mother Gothel kidnapped the child and locked her in a tower; selfishly squandering all her powers for herself. With the help of local hairdresser Dame Fanny Follicle, her silly son Pascal and the dashing Prince Ryder, will Rapunzel ever escape her tower?"

Find out in this 'hair-larious' fairytale pantomime!

RAPUNZEL is now available for professional and amateur licensing worldwide. Click here to request your FREE perusal copy today.

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