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New! Dick Whittington Pantomime Script

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

The pantomime paved with gold is now available for licensing.

This classic pantomime story is not only the latest to join our award-winning collection but the only pantomime based on real person.

Sir Richard Whittington born in Gloucestershire in 1358 really did travel to the bright lights of London to find his fortune learning that the streets were paved with gold. He went on to become Lord Mayor but the similarities with our brand-new pantomime version end there.

With a cast of colourful characters, our new DICK WHITTINGTON is a hilarious, family pantomime adventure your audiences will love:

"Dick is a dreamer and has his sights set on London; the city paved with gold. With his trusty pussy cat by his side, he gets a job at Alderman Fitzwarren's Store but the city is under attack from the most villainous, vermin of them all; King Rat! With the help of his new love Alice, Fairy Bow Bells, Sarah the Cook and her silly son - Idle Jack, will Dick be able to vanquish the vermin?"

Request your free perusal copy today:

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