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New! Throbbin Wood: Adult Pantomime Script

Grab your tights and your arrows and get down to 'Got-wood Forest' for a naughty pantomime adventure like no other!

Prior to joining our ever expanding collection of adult pantomime scripts, 'Throbbin Wood' debuted at Boulevard, Newcastle upon Tyne with a four week run in January/February 2024 starring the North-East's 'Queen of Comedy' Miss Rory as Fairy Glitter-ous and writer/director Tom Whalley himself as 'Silly Willy'. The mucky, merrie tale broke box office records being seen by nearly 3000 people and received rave audience reviews and five stars from the Newcastle Evening Chronicle.

Photographs by Ermintrude Jay.

"The fine folk of Got-wood Forest are terrorised by taxes imposed by the wicked Sheriff of Frottingham who'll stop at nothing to seize the throne of England and do the dirty with Maid Marion. Only the outlaw Throbbin Wood, Triar F**k and the Horny Men can save the day. With the help of the hapless Silly Willy, his mother Nanny Fanny and the magical Fairy Glitter-ous, can Got-wood be saved from the Sheriff? Or will they be left all a-quiver?"

Find out in the mucky, merry old adult pantomime that's right on target!

THROBBIN WOOD: AN ADULT PANTOMIME (18+) is now available for professional and amateur licensing worldwide. Click here to request your FREE perusal copy today.


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