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New! Robin Hood Pantomime Script

We're all a-quiver! Our newest, magical, 'merry olde' pantomime script ROBIN HOOD is now available for amateur and professional licensing world-wide.

The quintessentially English tale of the tight-wearing outlaw stealing from the rich to give to the poor with his band of Merry Men in the depths of Sherwood Forest has been lovingly given the Tom Whalley Pantomimes treatment. Packed with colourful characters, hilarious gags, classic routines and songs, our brand-new 'Robin Hood' pantomime script brings the legend to life like never before.

With thirteen speaking parts, 'Robin Hood' is the perfect choice for medium to large sized companies/theatre groups looking for a script with plenty of roles so everyone gets a chance to shine!

The fine folk of Sherwood Forest are terrorised by the mounting taxes imposed by the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham who'll stop at nothing to seize the throne of England and claim the fair Maid Marion as his bride. Only the outlaw Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men can save the day. With the help of the hapless Silly Willy and his not so glamorous mother Nanny Fanny, can Sherwood be saved from the Sheriff's clutches? Or will they be left all aquiver?

Find out in this 'Merry' pantomime adventure!

Grab your arrows and click here to request your FREE perusal copy.

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